Foods for Better Sex

Could you be having even better sex with just a few tweaks to your diet? 

Absolutely! Good physical health and mental health is important for having great sex. What you eat affects your health, which in turn, affects the quality of sex. So if you're looking for motivation to eat healthier, think about how doing so will boost your game in the bedroom.

Physically, great sex takes quality blood flow to all parts of the body, proper hormone balance, lubrication and libido. Eating a healthy diet supports all of these functions. 

You can start by increasing your intake of whole, unprocessed foods (use the list below for some examples). Then minimize foods that tend to decrease blood flow, dampen sex drive and disrupt sex hormones, like red meat, dairy, fried foods and processed foods. 

When you eat better, you'll feel lighter, more energetic and more confident - all of which are beneficial in the bedroom. Many people report an improvement in their sex life when they make healthy changes to their diet, especially when they eat more plant based.

We listed some foods below & how they benefit sexual health. Add a few to your grocery cart & see if you feel a difference. Enjoy!


🥑AVOCADO: Contains Omega 3’s, potassium & B6, which increases production of male hormones.

🌱BASIL: Promotes blood circulation & stimulates sex drive.

❤️BEETS: Great source of nitric oxide, which opens blood vessels, increases blood flow & genital sensitivity. 

🥒CUCUMBER: The scent is believed to increase blood flow to the vagina. Contains silica, which keeps skin vibrant & reduces water retention.

💜FIGS: High in amino acids, antioxidants & flavonoids, which increase libido & stamina in both sexes.

🥭MANGO: High in Vitamin E, which increases arousal. Also can improve taste & smell in the nether regions.

🌶PEPPERS: Act like a natural aphrodisiac, quickly boosting endorphins & blood flow in all the right places. 

🌺POMEGRANATE: Boosts testosterone in males & females, which increases sex drive. Also said to benefit fertility.

🎃PUMPKIN SEEDS: High in Zinc, which benefits prostate health, increases testosterone & sperm production.


Reference: Vegan Sex by Ellen Jaffe Jones & Dr. Joel Kahn. 

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