Coaching Calls

Ready to get serious about your health & fitness goals this year?


You want to eat better and exercise so you can look and feel your best...but it can be tough to figure out how to get started.

That's why we put together this Coaching Call Package with Jaré, Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach. She will help you make progress with your goals using simple steps that are personalized for YOU.

This is perfect for those who are ready to take action towards a healthier lifestyle and want to try out the coaching experience.

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The Coaching Call Package includes:

  • Two 60-minute virtual coaching sessions 
  • NUTRITION REVIEW: guidance on making simple (yet effective) adjustments to your current diet
  • ROADBLOCK REMOVAL: work through anything that is holding you back from making progress
  • $150 CREDIT toward the Heroic Nutrition Program*

You will receive clarity & motivation so you can start making immediate progress with your goals!

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1. I see that I can schedule one call here, but where do I schedule the second call?

You will receive a link to schedule your second call after the first call is completed. No additional charges apply as the price is for both calls.

2. I don't have Zoom or don't want to be on video. Can I still schedule the calls with you?

YES! We can talk over a regular phone call, or do FaceTime or Zoom without video. Please reach out if you prefer a different method or need special accommodations.

3. I don't use PayPal, how do I make a payment? 

We can send you an invoice instead, where you can pay via our website using a credit card. Please send us an email instead to set up your calls: info@heroicstrength.com

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* The $150 credit is good after completion of your first coaching call, and it goes towards the cost of the Heroic Nutrition Program. Credit is applicable until December 31, 2022.