(Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching)

Baljit - completed 1 year on the program! She lost 22 lbs and 21 inches! She also improved her eating habits, gained confidence and created a whole new healthy lifestyle for herself.

Laurie - completed the 12-Week Program. She lost 9 inches total and 8 lbs!

When I finally contacted Jare' to start my program, I was at my breaking point. Nothing I was doing was helping me feel or look like I was working on myself. I was overweight and going through menopause which means dealing with a metabolism change, mood and energy changes, sleep pattern disturbances. Realizing that I couldn't will myself into health and that I had a lot of patterns that I needed to break, I finally made the decision to take action. What made me commit was thatI knew I couldn't do this on my own. I needed support and guidance, as well as accountability to be successful. Jaré provided all those things and more.

Taking care of myself with nutrition is something that makes me proud. I used to feel like I had to give up something in order to live a healthy lifestyle. Now I realize that the ways I take care of myself add to my life rather than take away. There is no sacrifice to this program. The benefits outweigh any struggle I may have had at the beginning. People notice when you are healthy and it motivates them to follow suit. I've enjoyed introducing people to plant based recipes and sharing the things I learned about nutrition from Jaré.  

I recommend anyone who is looking for ways to become more happy and healthy to work with Jaré. Her guidance, education, and commitment make it easy to make lifestyle changes that result in looking and feeling better.  

Spenser - completed the 12-Week Program. She lost 13 inches, improved her eating habits & gained strength!

N.D. - Completed the 12-Week Program. Increased her energy, improved sleep; created a better relationship with food and her body.

“I couldn’t understand why I was holding extra weight. Work was very busy and I was challenged to find a healthy balance within my hectic schedule. The program was informative and tailored to my needs. I never felt like I had a cookie cutter plan. I also liked the room to ‘splurge’ and enjoy food without feeling guilty. My biggest takeaway is that food is my friend. We all know this but society, social media, fad diets make it seem like depriving our bodies will get us what we want. Fueling my body with enough calories, real food, and exercise helped me see a change in my workouts. I was sleeping better. I had more energy throughout the day to get everything done.”

Erika - Completed the 12-Week Program. She got leaner, increased her energy & improved digestion.

I came to Jaré with a very specific request: to help me fit homemade meals back into my life (because over the last year, I'd convinced myself that my schedule just didn't allow for it). While I ate relatively healthy, I could feel (and see) the toll it was taking on my body, and I missed eating home-cooked food! Jaré took the time to really learn about me (my past, my present and what I wanted out of this program) and listened to what I already knew would and wouldn't work for me. And she gave me exactly what I needed: a literal step-by-step of what my meals would look like for the week, what my grocery list would be and what to prep when throughout the week so I wasn't wasting time making trips to grocery store every few days or spending hours in the kitchen at once.

She provided recipes that were delicious and matched what I liked to eat (and mimicked some of the foods I'd order out), and simply took my frustration out of the process. She also made tweaks to my menu along the way based on feedback I gave, and I really felt she was with me every step of the way. We had regularly scheduled check-ins, but I also felt at ease texting or emailing her if a question or concern came up.

I saw changes in my body during the 3-month program, but more importantly for me, I'm confident that positive changes will continue because this never felt like a "90-day Challenge" or a diet where I had to deprive myself for maximum gains. Deprivation is the exact OPPOSITE of what her program provides! I even put the program to the test on several occasions during the three months: road trips, vacations, bday celebrations, etc. I felt I could relax and enjoy everything because I had her support and the meal plan to fall back on. Jaré is extremely caring and knowledgeable and will take excellent care of you if you sign up for her program. She'll give you the support you need along the way and the tools you need to move forward confidently on your own when you're ready.”



“I've been working out with Saul for [over a year] and I can only describe it in two words: life changing. I'm a former athlete, but after 10 years working hard at building my career and three years being a father to wonderful twin boys, I knew I needed help to recenter my life and health. My goals were to get leaner, increase my flexibility (to play with my kids), address some nagging sports injuries (shoulder), and just feel more healthy in general.

The first time I met with Saul, he just listened to me and customized my workout from Day 1. He was amazing about easing me into the routines and never making me feel pressured or embarrassed about not finishing a set or taking a break. At the same time, he pushed me to try new workouts (RINGS!) and animal-based exercises that were humbling, but empowering. In addition, through our thoughtful conversations and hearing his story of converting to a plant-based diet, I've adopted this into my life as well. I had so many biases and inhibitions to try veganism, but I trusted Saul's advice to take the leap and I've never felt better in my life.

Saul helped me realize that I don't track my weight, waist measurements, or bench press to know if I'm healthy - it's all about how I feel about myself and my body! Thanks so much, Saul!”


“I've worked with a number of trainers in the past and Saul is beyond exceptional for so many reasons that this testimonial won't do him justice but I'll try my best. First of all, Saul is exceptionally dedicated. He's dedicated to his clients and being the best trainer & coach. He's also dedicated to achieving his own maximum potential physically, personally and professionally.

Saul has a growth mindset, constantly learning and asking for feedback to see how he can continue developing, striving every day to become a better version of himself. It's super inspiring and honestly, really refreshing to see a trainer not just "talk the talk" but CONSISTENTLY put into action what they teach. I think many of us have seen and sadly experienced that this is not always the case with trainers.

Saul is super smart with his programming. He takes the time to understand your short term and long term goals and with extreme attention to detail. Something that I can't emphasize enough is Saul's long term approach to programming. He really focuses on helping you develop a strong foundation, rooted in the fundamentals of proper body mechanics so that it de-risks things like injury and allows you to build a strong base...

I want to call out that Saul is a true coach at heart, not just a trainer. A trainer just develops and delivers your workout. It's my belief that a great coach takes a long term investment in your goals. Lastly, my personality tends to [be] serious and I can be an intense person at times...Saul has wisely taught me to have FUN with my training, to PLAY, to celebrate my body for the new things it's learning and to enjoy the fitness journey. Thank you Saul!”