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1:1 Personal Training

Get Fit! Get Strong! Move Better! With elite personal trainer and co-founder of Heroic Strength, Saul Cervantes.

Saul will meet you where you are on your fitness journey and take you to the next level. So be ready! Saul trains men and women at all levels and helps his clients increase functionality in their daily activities. Not only will you feel great, but you will feel more confident in the way your body moves!


Saul is well versed in many practices, including strength training, calisthenics, bodybuilding, gymnastics and animal flow. His unique experience allows him to develop a creative and effective training style that will get you results. This program is designed with intention, for YOUR personal goals, so you see growth and change with each session. You will not be doing random exercises or trying the latest fitness fad. Saul's attention to detail on proper form will help you develop body awareness in order to feel every muscle firing the way it should. Whether you want to get strong, build lean muscle, increase flexibility, learn a new skill or improve your body composition, Saul will make sure you are getting the results you're looking for.

The Results Are Real

Not Just Personal Training

A bonus to working with Heroic Strength is that you not only have access to personal training, but nutritional guidance as well. Jaré, a certified Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach, owns and runs Heroic Strength with husband Saul. She works with clients to improve their diet so that they see even better results from all the work they put in at the gym.

Ask about this service during your complimentary consultation.


Saul trains clients at exclusive gyms in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood and surrounding areas. The gyms are clean, private and have everything you need for a great workout. In-home sessions are also available.

Not in Los Angeles?

Train with us remotely with Online Coaching!  

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Your first session will be 90-minutes, which includes an assessment and a full workout.

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