We’re Saul and Jaré Cervantes, husband and wife, and owners of Heroic Strength. We’ve been married for 6 years now, and after growing up in the SF Bay Area, we moved to Los Angeles in 2018. Saul is a Personal Trainer, and Jaré is a Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach. We are both very passionate about health and fitness – it’s something we bonded over early in our relationship. We’ve both been active people in various ways throughout our lives, and in our 20’s, our focus turned to the gym and getting strong. We have been partners in life and in the gym for the past ten years!

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SAUL CERVANTES is a Personal Trainer with certifications from highly accredited ogranizations, including CFSC, GMB and ISSA. He has helped countless clients to get fitter, stronger, leaner and more muscular. Over his career, he has developed expertise in many fields, including functional strength training, gymnastics rings, bodyweight training, handstands, animal flow, bodybuilding and barbell strength training.

Saul also cosplays Spider-man and has grown a significant following on Instagram and Youtube through inspiring others to become their own hero. He combined his love of superheroes and fitness to create Spideyfit, which led to him teaming up with his wife to create Heroic Strength. Aside from training, Saul is always challenging himself with various physical activities, like skateboarding, tumbling, rock climbing and surfing.

JARÉ CERVANTES is a certified Nutritionist, helping clients develop healthier habits that lead to impressive results. She emphasizes the importance of Plant Based nutrition, which provides many health benefits, including disease prevention, healthy weight management and improved performance.

After years of dieting and issues with body image, Jaré pivoted her focus to nourishment rather than restriction. She learned more about what good nutrition really meant, and was finally able to find peace with food. Her intense sugar cravings subsided, her health improved and she got stronger in the gym. Her experience led to her wanting to help others through their health journeys, so she quit her office job and soon after, began her coaching career. Since then, Jaré has coached many clients to get fit and healthy with customized programs that fit their needs and lifestyles.

Aside from coaching, Jaré is a passionate foodie and vegan baker. She also spends her time cosplaying badass comic book heroes, working out, hiking and hanging out with Saul and their dogs, Bolt & Spots.