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One of my favorite things to snack on at parties and holiday gatherings is cheese & crackers. I know it's simple, but I just love the combo of a creamy, sharp cheese with the crunchy nuttiness of a good cracker. When I stopped eating dairy in January in 2016, I thought those days were over.

I was so wrong.

The world of vegan cheese is growing very quickly these days - you can see it right before your eyes if you look at grocery stores. This past year, I've seen Ralph's, Whole Foods and Trader Joe's start carrying their own brands of plant based cheeses! These days, you can be dairy-free and still enjoy cheese, butter, cream cheese and ice cream. The alternatives are improving in taste and quality every year. 

If you're going to try vegan cheese, go for the good stuff. One quality brand that's been around for a while now is Miyoko's Creamery. They carry artisanal cheese wheels that taste very close to the real thing. I casually served their Smoked Farmhouse cashew cheese at a dinner party last year, and my friends devoured it. Observing this, I set out to create a vegan charcuterie & cheese plate that I could serve for future gatherings and holidays.

Although the holidays won't be quite the same this year, I still wanted to share it with you all to pass on the celebratory spirit. There's something about a plate like this that makes even a cozy night at home feel like a party! 

This vegan charcuterie plate is so colorful and full of flavor, and it was really fun to put together. Let's break down each element so if you like, you can recreate it this holiday season:

What's so good about a charcuterie plate is that the heaviness of the "meats" & cheeses are nicely balanced by the freshness of the produce. It is a truly decadent and satisfying experience! The plate I made was mostly smoky, nutty and savory. You can mix yours up with different flavors of cheese and crackers, or a different variety of fruits and vegetables. The combinations are endless.

However you're celebrating the holidays this year, enjoy and be safe. More holiday recipes are coming to the blog soon! Stay tuned. 

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