Vegan 'Snickers' Cups

Vegan Snickers Cups

Halloween is creeping up fast, so we are getting in the spirit with these decadent Vegan 'Snickers' Cups. They are made with just 3 whole-food ingredients with a natural source of sugar, and are just as satisfying as a candy bar. They're also quick and easy to make! Scroll down for the recipe, and be sure to catch the Recipe Reel we shared on Instagram too.

A traditional Snickers bar has caramel, nougat, peanuts and chocolate. Here's how we replicated those layers in this recipe:

Caramel: For the caramel, we used Medjool dates. Dates are soft and very sweet, mimicking the texture of caramel. They are low glycemic, which means they won't spike your blood sugar as much as refined sugar does. Dates also contain minerals like potassium, copper and calcium.

Peanuts: We used roasted unsalted peanuts. You can also use salted if you like, but the roasted peanuts are very flavorful without the added salt.

Chocolate: We used dark chocolate chips for this recipe. To keep it dairy-free just check the ingredients label on the package and look for any milk products listed. They are usually in bold or it says "contains: milk". We like Trader Joe's or Guittard Dark Chocolate Chips.

These bites have that irresistible salty-sweet combo, softness from the date, and crunch from the peanuts. They're absolutely delicious, and a more nutritious alternative to traditional candy bars. So if you're starting to get tempted by all the Halloween candy, try these out instead!



  • 9 Cupcake liners or silicone baking cups
  • 9 Medjool Dates, pits removed
  • 1/2 cup (73g) roasted peanuts (salted optional)
  • 9 oz (225g) Dark Chocolate Chips (dairy-free)
  • Sea Salt Flakes


1. Set out 9 baking cups on a plate or in a muffin tin.

2. Place one pitted Medjool date at the bottom of each cup, then add a few peanuts on top of each date.

3. Place the chocolate chips in a small, microwave-safe bowl. Melt in 20 second intervals in the microwave until fully melted. Take out the bowl in between each interval to stir.  

4. Pour the melted chocolate over each cup, completely covering the dates and peanuts. Top them off with a sprinkle of sea salt.

5. Place the cups in the freezer for at least 30 minutes to set. Then, you can take out and enjoy! Store the rest in the fridge so the chocolate doesn't melt.


Photo & original recipe by Sarah Nevins, from her book Effortless Vegan.