Spideyfit At-Home Training PROGRAM


  • - 12-Week Training Program w/exercises for all levels that are designed to get you STRONGER, more AGILE & FLEXIBLE
  • - High Quality (4K) Video Tutorials for every exercise so your workouts are SAFE & EFFECTIVE
  • - Stretching & Mobility Routines inspired by Spider-Man's classic moves
  • - Simple, delicious Healthy Recipes - one for every meal of the day, including post-workout
  • - Grocery Shopping List you can take to the store for stress-free shopping
  • - BONUS SECTION: Spider-Man Posing Tutorial so you can really get into character


Do you want to start working out but aren't sure where to start?

Or maybe you're frustrated from trying programs that don't work for you or the gym just isn't your thing.

Then the SPIDEYFIT AT-HOME TRAINING PROGRAM is an excellent choice for you! It's simple, affordable and will get you results - no gym or expensive equipment is required.

You'll do effective, bodyweight workouts that you can customize to your level. And weights are completely optional.

The workouts are thoughtfully programmed so that everyone can see weekly progress, from beginners to even more advanced trainees.

This training is proven to be effective - I've done it myself and so have many of my clients. In a few weeks, you'll be stronger, more powerful, more confident and that much closer to your fitness goals.

Take this opportunity to start a program that really works!


12 years ago I had a career changing moment when I fell off my skateboard down a handrail. I was filming for a video part in hopes of getting sponsored but life had other plans for me. My injury left me in a dark place and I lost motivation to do anything. My girlfriend at the time dumped me, and to make things worse, I lost my job. I was in debt and my car got repossessed. My soul was broken and my self-esteem was low.

After 8 months of riding the couch and drinking, I decided that I would come back better than ever. I began researching ways to rehab my injury, so I started working out in my bedroom doing body weight exercises. My injury improved and I started seeing results from the workouts. This was a huge confidence boost and I was hooked.

Eventually, I invested in some dumbbells, resistance bands and a chin-up bar. Once I got stronger, I knew I needed to do more, so I joined a gym. In the years following, I went to school, met my wife, became a certified trainer & started coaching others to become better versions of themselves. The simple decision to start working out in my room led me to a complete transformation of my life.

Because I took action, I steered my life in a more positive direction. My injury was out of my control but what I did next was up to me. I chose to improve myself and take control of my life. It all started with fitness, which helped me get both physically and mentally stronger.

You can have a life-changing story too - all you have to do is start now.

"The suit doesn't make the hero. A hero is made in the MOMENT, by the choices that he makes"


The SPIDEYFIT AT-HOME TRAINING PROGRAM is inspired by Spider-Man and his many abilities. He's strong, flexible, agile and explosive. His physique is lean, yet muscular - a perfect balance that makes him even more relatable as a character. The workouts in this program are designed to help you develop these attributes.

With pulling exercises, you'll get strong enough to lift your own bodyweight.

With Spider-Man push-ups, you'll mimic the famous webslinger as he crawls up a building to save the day.

With squats & lunges, you'll build explosive power so you can jump into action at any given moment.

The mobility & stretching routines will improve your posture, reduce aches & pains, and allow you to move better for the things you love to do in your daily life.

It takes more than a suit to be a superhero. You must first develop the mental and physical strength that it takes to truly become one.

Are you ready to take on the challenge?


Grab your copy of the SPIDEYFIT AT-HOME TRAINING PROGRAM now, before the price goes up! Join the hundreds of others getting #spideyfitathome.


- 30+ VIDEO TUTORIALS to guide you through proper form and all the progressions (easiest to hardest)



Plus, you'll have access to the Heroic Strength Community on Facebook, where you can get questions answered and share your progress along the way.

This is an e-book that gets instantly delivered to your inbox so you can download it & get started right away!


1. What kind of equipment do I need?

There's minimal equipment used in this program, and you probably have most of it at home already. You'll need two chairs or a bench, a towel or furniture movers, and preferably a chin-up bar. If you don't have a chin-up bar, you can skip those exercises and do the alternative noted in the program.

2. Can I use weights in this program?

Yes, we encourage you to use weights to increase the difficulty of the workouts. Just make sure you're practicing excellent form for each exercise before adding weight or any resistance to it. The included video tutorials will show you how to add weight to the appropriate exercises.

3. Can women do this program?

Yes, this program is for anyone and everyone. Being strong is very empowering and is useful in everyday life. It's a myth that women get bulky from strength training. Many women make the mistake of lifting only light weights, which isn't enough to create significant change in how their bodies look or perform. This program will show you how to control your own bodyweight, which means a stronger core, strong legs and arms. You'll build lean muscle - no bulkiness.

4. How many days a week do I need to workout? How long do the workouts take?

Three times per week. On two of your rest days, you'll do a mobility & flexibility routine. The workouts take about 30-45 minutes, depending on how many rounds you do.

5. How long until I see results?

The program is 12-weeks long, but you'll notice strength gains every single week. Your form will improve with each workout. Building muscle takes time and consistency. To get the best results, you'll have to eat well and recover properly. We included information on this in the book. If your goal is fat loss, workouts can help, but that ultimately comes down to your nutrition.

6. Does it come with a meal plan?

We included four delicious, easy meals to fuel your workouts. You can use these recipes as guidance and customize them to your liking. There's also a grocery list to make it even easier to get started.

7. What if I have questions during the program?

Join the Heroic Strength Community page on Facebook. You can post any questions you have there and we will answer you personally. You can also share your progress with us and connect with others who are doing the program.



Thank you!