3 Reasons You're Not Making Progress

Maybe you put on the #quarantine15 or you're determined to gain back some muscle now that gyms are opening back up. If you're putting in the effort, make sure you get the BEST results! It's easy to get frustrated when progress slows or stops, and sometimes all it takes is some minor adjustments to get it going again.

Here's a quick example of how seemingly small things make a BIG difference:

One of our clients eagerly started her Heroic Nutrition Program & lost 5 lbs in the first month! Then her weight loss suddenly STOPPED, leaving her frustrated, so we discussed what could be happening. She mentioned she was snacking & listed some foods she was adding to her meal plan here & there. Some extra beans, a little seeds, a couple pieces of fruit, extra soy milk in her smoothie….All of these foods are healthy, so no biggie right?

Those small quantities of extra food added up to 700 calories MORE every day! Our client realized that she had to stay closer to her meal plan, and once she did, her weight loss started up again. She lost 1 lb a week later and has been doing great since! This just shows that the DETAILS matter.

So if your progress slows or stops, take a closer look & be honest with yourself about what you could do better. Here’s a few things to look at:
1. SNACKING/EXTRA FOOD 🥤🥜🍫Random bites of food & small snacks (even healthy ones) add up. Plan out a healthy, filling snack you can have when you get hungry.

My clients get 3 big meals plus 1 hearty snack, like a smoothie or a sandwich, so they stay satiated throughout the day. Snacks are great as long as they fit within your daily calories. Speaking of...

2. KNOW YOUR CALORIES 📊 You need to know how many calories you should be eating for your goal & stick to that. Try tracking your calories in an app, like MyFitnessPal, for a week to see if you’re meeting your needs. Overeating (and under-eating!) can deter your progress.

3. SLEEP - QUALITY & QUANTITY 😴Sleep is absolutely critical for fat loss AND muscle gain. Not sleeping well or not enough throws off your progress is many ways. Studies show that when sleep deprived, you’re LESS likely to turn down junk food & MORE likely to reach for snacks to make yourself feel better or more awake.

Being tired also decreases the effectiveness of your workouts. When you can’t gather enough energy or strength, you won’t be able to lift as much or burn as -many calories.


If you've tried everything and you're still stuck, then a smart step to take is to hire a coach. Here at Heroic Strength, we offer our Heroic Nutrition plan, which is fully customized for you and your lifestyle. We look closely at everything we can do to get you the best results, saving you a lot of precious time & energy!

Right now, we're offering FREE Nutrition Consultations. Click here to get yours. (There's no commitment, it's just a friendly virtual chat or phone call to discuss your goals). 


We'd like to know - how have your fitness goals changed in 2020? Let us know in the comments.

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