Heroic Nutrition Program
Heroic Nutrition Program
Heroic Nutrition Program

Heroic Nutrition Program

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Tired of trying & failing with all the trendy diets? Want to put on muscle but don’t know what to eat? It's time to finally figure out what works for YOU!

Diets fail because they make the rules, not you. Which leaves you feeling frustrated & hangry with shaky results. This program works because it's customized to YOU and teaches you how to have a good relationship with food. There's NO restrictions, rules or missing out on dinner parties.

  • Learn how to fuel your body so your results last long after you complete your program.
  • Build maintainable healthy habits so you don't waste your time, money or energy on diets again.¬†
  • You'll eat healthy meals you¬†actually enjoy eating and treat yourself without feeling guilty.¬†
  • Suitable for¬†all goals, including fat loss, muscle gain and better overall health.¬†

Jaré specializes in helping clients of all ages reach their goals with a step-by-step plan that fits within their lifestyle. She teaches you about nutrition so you are empowered with knowledge to make your own choices. Her clients report that they feel more energized, have better workouts, and are more confident with their food choices. 

Program includes: 

  • Customized Meal Plan (includes calories & macros)
  • Delicious Recipes
  • Grocery Shopping Guide
  • Supplement Guide
  • Personalized tips for¬†health, sleep and exercise
  • Guidance through roadblocks (emotional eating, travel, busy schedule, etc)¬†
  • Check-Ins & Coaching throughout

Perfect for: Those looking for very personalized guidance with what to eat to reach health & fitness goals, including fat loss and muscle gain. This is especially helpful for those struggling with yo-yo dieting or their relationship to food.